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Business Analysis Webinars for July 2017 - Part II

From Data to Decision — A Guide to Data Analytics

Presented by Anne Foley, LSSMBB, PMP, Author, Training Consultant at Corporate Education Group

As technology continues to saturate our world; data collection and analysis is a highly sought after skillset. “Show me the data,” is almost as popular of a request as “show me the money.”  In many cases, the two are connected. Solving problems, improving processes, increasing sales and satisfying customers are just a few of the side effects of accurate data collection and analysis; and it’s not just for number crunchers. Everyone can navigate the data collection and analysis culture with a few simple tips and techniques from this webinar. Making good decisions and solving problems the first time should not rely on “luck.”  We’ll show you a better way.

Learning objectives include:

·        Four essential questions to answer with data

·        Apples to apples data collection

·        Three basic ways to narrow the focus

·        Dos and Do Nots of presenting the findings

 Audience: Public

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 18, 2017; 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT

Host: Corporate Education Group    @CorpEdGroup

Cost: Free


Presented by Michael Boyle, Head of Procurro Solutions

How are processes developed today and where does the customer fall within your processes? Is the customer simply a participant in your internal processes, or is her desired outcome your focus? Do you use automation to facilitate design and adherence? What about collaboration with the employees who know the processes the best; those performing the work?

In this webinar, we describe Agile Process Design and why this approach is transformative for a Business Analyst.

Key topics that will be discussed in this webinar include:

·        An introduction to Agile

·        How processes are usually developed

·        Agile Process Design and why this is a different approach  

·        Why we need to look at process design differently

·        The role technology plays as both a disruptor and an enabler

·        The role of Business Analysis, and how this is a change from the traditional role

·        Examples of processes designed in an agile way 


·        Learn the importance of Agile process design

·        Learn an alternative view of the Business Analysis role

·        Understand the shift from documentation to facilitation

·        Understand the importance of empowerment and accountability of your key stakeholders

·        Learn methods to create processes that are more goal-oriented.

Audience: Public

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 18, 2017; 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT

Host: International Institute of Business Analysis    @IIBA

Cost: Free

Inside Effective Business Requirements Documentation

Presented by Rob Stewart, Senior Consultant, IAG Consulting

This session is a deep dive into requirements documentation issues showing examples of good documentation practices, and samples of materials that only look good on the surface, but have significant buried problems.

Learning Objectives:

1.      Know what material must be present in high quality requirements documentation.

2.      See how documentation defects impact project performance.

3.      Learn how to simplify your strategy for documentation by focusing on the right information at the right time.

Audience: Public

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 19, 2017; 10:00 am – 11:00 am EDT

Host; IAG Consulting    @IAGConsulting

Cost: Free

FranklinCovey’s 7 Habits® Seminar—Free Online Session  

Presented by Eileen Land, E-Learning Strategist, Senior Consultant at FranklinCovey

Create lifetime success with the 7 Habits®

Get a powerful introduction to the highly popular, hands-on seminar, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, based on the international bestseller. In this complimentary online session, discover how the 7 Habits® can help you to lead yourself more effectively, engage and collaborate with others more successfully, and continually renew these capabilities. Your team and organization can also learn and harness these qualities for maximum results.

If you’ve ever wondered if the 7 Habits® are right for you, or just want to learn more, don’t miss this introduction to the world’s premier leadership development solution.

What You Will Learn

·        Why the 7 Habits® are relevant in the 21st century

·        What “effectiveness” means in an ever-changing, chaotic world 

·        How to grow our personal capabilities and interpersonal relationships

·        How our paradigms affect our ability to achieve what matters most to us  

·        The importance of self-renewal in creating and sustaining results

Attending this program is COMPLIMENTARY, but reservations are required.


Audience: Public

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 19, 2017; 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EDT

Host: American Management Association    @AMAnet

Cost: Free

How SAFe is Your Project?

Presented by: Denise Canty

In this webinar, we will discuss the 4 levels of the Scaled Agile Framework v4 and demonstrate why this methodology results in a high levels of value delivery to the customer.

Audience: Public

Date/Time: Thursday, July 20, 2017; 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT

Host: IT Metrics and Productivity Institute    @ITMPI

Cost: Free

Applying the Business Value Management Life Cycle

Presented by Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman, CBAP, PMP, SAFe Agilist (SA), B2T Training

In today’s development environment, teams are converting to agile in record numbers. However, not everyone is on the bandwagon. There are still a significant number of teams who are sticking with the tried and true traditional development approaches. No matter which side of the methodology fence they are on, teams are faced with a common problem: How can we be sure we are building the right things that have the highest business value at the micro and macro level?

This business value management conversation is one that transcends development approach. It’s the common denominator that determines if you are spending time and money on the right components of your solution.

This session describes a set of techniques for stakeholders and team members to make sure the right conversations are happening at the right time, regardless of your approach. It is important to get these conversations right; some will result in very difficult business decisions. During the session, we will simulate a series of value management conversations and determine the right questions that need to be asked and answered, and the resulting decisions that need to be made. We will also discuss how to establish a method to measure your progress as you demonstrate the value being delivered.


·        Determine the right things to build and in what order

·        Ensure the value conversation is happening at the right time

·        Measure that the value delivered matches the conversations


Audience: Public

Date/Time: Friday, July 21, 2017; 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EDT

Host: B2T Training    @B2T_Training

Cost: Free


What Good is Strategy if You Can't Implement It?

Presented by: Jennifer Young Baker

In this webinar we examine what delivery looks like for many companies and what specific steps can be taken to improve delivery & implementation, with the research to back it up.

Audience: Public

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 25, 2017; 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT

Host: IT Metrics and Productivity Institute    @ITMPI

Cost: Free

Change Readiness

 Presented by Bob Faw, Consultant at Corporate Education Group

Organizations everywhere have been undergoing tremendous changes in the last two years. A major challenge they are running into is how difficult change is to adapt to both emotionally and mentally. Give your people the tools and attitudes to be "change ready" - a mental/emotional state in which they seek solutions, instead of blaming others. They look for opportunities in the changes, and choose optimism. They vent their emotions in a helpful way and accept change more quickly.

Learning objectives:

·        Increased resilience to bounce back after the unexpected

·        Adapt more quickly to new environments

·        Sees opportunities in change instead of fighting, fleeing or freezing

·        Optimism rather than the blame game

·        Better health than when resisting change

Audience: Public

Date/Time: Tuesday, July 25, 2017; 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT

Host: Corporate Education Group    @CorpEdGroup

Cost: Free


Once Upon a Time: The Business Analyst Storyteller

Presented by Bob Prentiss, CBAP (Bob the BA)

Would you agree that requirements need to be clearly understood?  It seems logical, right?  What about memorable? That’s right, I said memorable, not measurable. Yes of course they should be measurable but that becomes meaningless if they are not first, memorable. So why is it that more Business Analysts don’t tell requirements stories? The most effective communicators tell stories – they ensure things are memorable and clearly understood. The Business Analyst should be the best communicator on the team given the sheer volume of requirements, plus all of the additional things that support the requirements like how we got there to begin with, the business case, the value proposition, business rules, and more. What is that you say? You are Agile? Then you better ramp up those storytelling skills! 

Come join me, Bob the BA, to learn what makes up a compelling requirements story. Stories that are memorable, contagious, interesting, and ensure the requirements are clearly understood. Learn the structure, how emotions play into the story, how to hold your stakeholder’s interest, how improvisation and the art of surprise can enhance the story and keep it relevant for your audience. Did you hear the one about the non-functional requirement looking for the functional requirement in all the wrong places? Probably not, but it sounds like there is a great story in there somewhere that needs to be told. What’s your story?


·        Learn why Business Analysis requirements storytelling is important.

·        Learn the foundations of good requirements storytelling.

·        Learn the different level of stories in business analysis, Waterfall vs. Agile.

·        Learn what it takes to have satisfying conclusions to your stories.

Audience: IIBA Members

Date/Time: Wednesday, July 26, 2017; 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT

Host: International Institute of Business Analysis    @IIBA

Cost: Free

Essential Product Ownership: It Takes a Village

Presented by: Bob Galen

In this webinar, we will explore Essential Product Ownership. We’ll cover user stories, backlogs, refinement, ownership, vision, architecture, innovation, experimentation, and measurement.

Audience: Public

Date/Time: Thursday, July 27, 2017; 11:00 am – 12:30 pm EDT

Host: IT Metrics and Productivity Institute    @ITMPI

Cost: Free

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